The Tower House

The Tower House
Two-channel HD video with audio
Continuous loop

The Tower House is a looped two-channel video in which three first-time visitors describe a 16th Century tower house in County Clare, Ireland. The video is shot inside the structure, which was simultaneously a domestic space and a civil defense tower. One video is edited to isolate the moments when the individuals grapple with the words and gestures they will use to describe the architecture. The second channel is edited to give a concise account of their conceptualization of the space as they find the language to describe the salient features of the house.

Panzoomtilt (excerpt)

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Six-Channel Video Installation with no Audio
DVD Video
TRT: Varied, Video Loops Continuously
Excerpt of Documentation
At Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago

Edited from over fifty hours of video shot by tourists while sightseeing in locations around the world.
Each sequence begins with the slowest clip and ends with the fastest.
Monitor 1: Zoom In
Monitor 2: Tilt Up
Monitor 3: Pan Left
Monitor 4: Zoom Out
Monitor 5: Tilt Down
Monitor 6: Pan Right